List of allergens

All products may contain traces of gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, peanutoil and sesame.

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All of the waffles do not contain nuts but they do contain peanutoil. The figs waffle also contains sesame.

All of the granolas do not contain eggs or dairy, but they do contain sesame. Vegan granola doesn’t contains wheat, but does contain oat flakes and buckwheat flakes.

Our ice cream does not contain nuts, except nut flavors and praline. Furthermore ice cream does not contains peanut(oil) except the flavor peanut / snickers. No wheat is present in ice cream, except for the flavor with cookiess. Our ice cream does not contain egg eithei, except for the flavor chocolate. Sorbet ice cream does not contain dairy, but other ice cream does.

You can read this in our complete list of allergens (dutch).